Always be selling

This statement from a spokesperson for Pulte Homes qualifies as least helpful PR of the day:

A spokeswoman for Pulte says it has been able to raise prices due to less competition from foreclosures and low interest rates.

Really? That’s what you come up with and tell the WALL STREET JOURNAL? “We’re fortuitously able to gouge customers.”

How about: “We’ve been delighted that many buyers recognize the superior value of a new Pulte home and are working feverishly to meet the increased demand as best we can. We house America [or whatever slogan they use].”

Think how much better that would make the company look to competitors, regulators, shareholders, home lenders, and, oh yeah, customers.

Alex Baldwin said “Always be closing.” If that’s not your job, then “Always be selling.” You heard it here first.

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