You know my practice better than LinkedIn

By Rick Colosimo / October 8, 2013 /

This article on how to correct and even improve LinkedIn endorsements (not the recommendations, which are far and few between, making them almost certainly more valuable, IMHO) caught my attention this morning. A commenter bemoaned that LinkedIn kept trying to have folks endorse him for “commodity,” which didn’t work while “commodities” might have.  I assume…

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Mentor corner: Law school or business school?

By Rick Colosimo / September 20, 2010 /

I recently answered a LinkedIn question from a young lady asking whether an MBA or a JD was a better choice. (I won’t link the question since most of the responses were utterly misinformed and won’t even accidentally spread that nonsense.) I get asked this question, and questions about choosing law schools, pretty often. My…

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Tough legal job market is now just plain ugly for some

By Rick Colosimo / May 28, 2010 /

I’ve written before about the growing inconsistency between the actual job market for lawyers and the jobs that law schools tell prospective students about. Here’s a recent Above the Law post on a job that really doesn’t appear all that worthwhile, really. This is a downgrade from the $12 job they link to at the…

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