Mixing non-profit and for-profit activities

By Rick Colosimo / June 8, 2020 /

Somebody asked a question about forming two related entities, one for-profit and one nonprofit. The idea was that certain facilities that would be used by the nonprofit could be used in slack time by other businesses paying a market rate. The business model seemed to be that there would be grants for the nonprofit, which…

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Last startup law post – wrap-up

By Rick Colosimo / June 1, 2020 /

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has shifted in focus from startup law toward independent director and other board services. That’s the shift in my career, and so I expect to post no more articles strictly on startup law. I will certainly continue to post on those topics from the perspective of…

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What do you do when a startup relationship gets rocky?

By Rick Colosimo / April 20, 2020 /

I don’t mean third-date awkwardness, or figuring out how to let him know you’re not ready to introduce him to your friends. No, we’re talking about how to handle going from start-up to break-up. Co-founders have complicated relationships: you have usually known the other founder as a co-worker or friend for months or even many…

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Benefits Corps: what is the benefit of the corporation?

By Rick Colosimo / March 9, 2020 /

Benefit corporations have become more common since I started this post, on the heels of this WSJ article describing them. I have long found these legislative exercises to be a substantial waste of time and effort. Public fiscal discipline is non-existent, and yet legislators have time to fool around with this sort of mickey-mouse smoke…

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