Getting crowdfunding wrong

Here’s a link to a brief article about crowdsourcing as applied to startups. Grade for this article? Nominally 80% for 4 out of 5 right, but the wrong answer on financing can kill a company.

This one gets a #FAIL from me.

Hearkening back (or forward, since I don’t know if I’ve posted it yet) to my thoughts on why I write, one of them is definitely to signal to founders and directors of small and startup companies when they need to call a lawyer. I guess I’ll have to follow up soon with my hot-button post.

I think that it’s really useful for me to tell people when they absolutely need my advice (taking investment money of any kind), when I can almost certainly help (non-standard commercial contracts), when I can add value (helping negotiate a deal), and when I’m not helpful (picking colors for the website design). Honesty from me makes my clients more efficient, and I hope that it s’s more evidence to them and the not-yet clients that I fit their definition of “trusted.”