Caring doesn't scale

By Rick Colosimo / October 4, 2017 /

Here’s a pair of instructive quotes, ostensibly about code: Clean code always looks like it was written by someone who cares.” – Robert C. Martin, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship This is what I see when I look at contracts. And processes. And business models. Caring doesn’t scale. #StartupRules It was the…

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Three ways to buy or sell a company

By Rick Colosimo / September 16, 2017 /

There are three basic transaction structures involved in virtually all buying/selling of companies. There are a few random ways, but this is a post, not a treatise. Each of these transactions can have very different tax effects based on the entity and tax type of the constituent parties. Taxes, plus some standard business considerations, greatly…

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Make SaaS export easy

By Rick Colosimo / July 24, 2017 /

It’s not one SaaS app to rule them all, no matter how cool you think you are. And if there is one, it’s probably not yours. (It’s probably Gmail.) I get that you think your app is the cat’s pajamas and that not only will no one ever want to use anything else, but that…

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Should co-founders vest in their equity?

By Rick Colosimo / July 17, 2017 /

Should co-founders vest in their equity? Lots of founders – everyone who hasn’t been down this road and some who have – feel that because they started the company, because it is, at that point, “their” company, none of the co-founders should have vesting. And they’re right: at that stage, everyone is committed, has a…

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