Another reason you need a board

By Rick Colosimo / April 12, 2016 /

The HBR recently shared the results of a study showing that an increase in the amount of flattery received by a CEO disproportionately increased the likelihood of the CEO being fired. “You look mahvelous” Flattering the CEO increases chance of getting [him] fired — rickcolosimo (@rickcolosimo) November 5, 2013 That link is dead: look…

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How do I create a board?

By Rick Colosimo / March 4, 2016 /

You’ve read my post on the benefits of having a board in your closely held company, and you’re convinced. You’re ready to move forward but stuck at step 2. How do you go about putting a board together? For most companies, major investors push for governance rights and the structure of the board becomes an…

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No Chairman under Delaware law

By Rick Colosimo / August 12, 2013 /

I have seen a number of articles recently talking about splitting the CEO and chairman roles. Here’s one about JPMorgan.  Everyone still seems so up in arms about this issue. I would have thought someone would have done a little digging. Here’s my take: All directors have equal power and equal responsibilities. There is no…

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Five-minute general counsel: Answers to incorporation questions

By Rick Colosimo / February 8, 2012 /

Several years ago, I switched my law practice from mass torts (plane crashes and shipwrecks) in New York City to corporate law at a large Silicon Valley law firm. As a result of that experience and clients I worked with in the years following the dotcom bust, I developed a number of simplifying rules about…

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