Another reason you need a board

By Rick Colosimo / April 12, 2016 /

The HBR recently shared the results of a study showing that an increase in the amount of flattery received by a CEO disproportionately increased the likelihood of the CEO being fired. “You look mahvelous” Flattering the CEO increases chance of getting [him] fired — rickcolosimo (@rickcolosimo) November 5, 2013 That link is dead: look…

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CEO privilege

By Rick Colosimo / May 15, 2015 /

Many of my clients are founders and CEOs of their companies. Sometimes, they’re inexperienced in this role, regardless of how old they are or how much education they have. One of my common themes for some of these folks is the “you’re the boss” speech. When you are the CEO, you are the captain of…

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There are no legal issues

By Rick Colosimo / August 6, 2013 /

This Lifehacker post attempts to answer the question of how someone should handle befuddling legal documents, like terms of service, leases, car rental contracts, and so on. The easy answer is in the article: of course you should read everything. The problem is that that’s not what lawyers actually say and do because it’s advice…

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Five-minute general counsel: can a nonprofit change mission?

By Rick Colosimo / October 15, 2010 /

This LinkedIn question asked about mission drift for non-profits. There are a couple different layers of answer, depending on what’s going on and who’s asking. First, the fundamental concern: will the change of mission jeopardize nonprofit status (and that typically means jeopardize 501(c)(3) status, which means deductibility of donations by donors)? The answer depends on…

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