When should you separate businesses?

By Rick Colosimo / February 25, 2022 / Comments Off on When should you separate businesses?

Sometimes, a company develops a new line of business that isn’t obviously part of the existing business. The question soon arises whether to separate the new business, and how to do it. Here are some basic ways of separating a business so that it’s more separate from an existing business: Putting it in a separate…

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Focus on Targets

By Rick Colosimo / January 28, 2022 / Comments Off on Focus on Targets

“What do we have to do to hit our targets?“ From the board perspective, this question is the one I always want to hear from the CEO and the entire senior leadership team. If the first response to adversity is “let’s lower the bar,” then you need to readjust the team’s mindset.  Seriously. And quickly.…

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Mixing non-profit and for-profit activities

By Rick Colosimo / June 8, 2020 / Comments Off on Mixing non-profit and for-profit activities

Somebody asked a question about forming two related entities, one for-profit and one nonprofit. The idea was that certain facilities that would be used by the nonprofit could be used in slack time by other businesses paying a market rate. The business model seemed to be that there would be grants for the nonprofit, which…

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Another reason you need a board

By Rick Colosimo / April 12, 2016 / Comments Off on Another reason you need a board

The HBR recently shared the results of a study showing that an increase in the amount of flattery received by a CEO disproportionately increased the likelihood of the CEO being fired. “You look mahvelous” Flattering the CEO increases chance of getting [him] fired http://t.co/2odFtkwBW3 — rickcolosimo (@rickcolosimo) November 5, 2013 That link is dead: look…

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