Five-minute general counsel: when should I consider a convertible bridge?

By Rick Colosimo / September 5, 2010 /

I have more than one client currently considering convertible bridge notes as a parallel angel/seed round funding technique, and I have one who recently closed a small convertible note that will convert in the upcoming seed round. What’s a convertible bridge note? A convertible bridge note is a not-uncommon financing instrument in venture capital. This…

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Five-minute general counsel: What is due diligence?

By Rick Colosimo / August 9, 2010 /

Due diligence is the catchall phrase used to describe both the amorphous investigative process that prospective investors and acquirors go through before, during, and after their initial decision to proceed with a transaction with your company as well as the materials (paper, electronic, and Q&A) that they and their advisors receive in response to their…

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Getting crowdfunding wrong

By Rick Colosimo / May 28, 2010 /

Here’s a link to a brief article about crowdsourcing as applied to startups. Grade for this article? Nominally 80% for 4 out of 5 right, but the wrong answer on financing can kill a company. This one gets a #FAIL from me. Hearkening back (or forward, since I don’t know if I’ve posted it yet)…

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Crowdfunding a startup: rags or riches?

By Rick Colosimo / May 20, 2010 /

Crowd-everything is super hot, and super cool. The vastness of Wikipedia alone is sufficient to teach every one of us that when “crowd” is applied to your field, really neat and seemingly impossible things can happen. To me, “crowd” is just the plural of “open,” as in open data. But crowd doesn’t always work, and…

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