Why the "best" law journals are mostly worthless

By Rick Colosimo / July 19, 2013 /

This WSJ law blog post references a Georgetown constitutional law professor who thinks we should get rid of the Constitution because, effectively, he’s smarter than 200+ years of Americans and will get it exactly right.  You should know that law journals are not edited by professionals, and law review articles are not subject to anything you would…

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Why I write

By Rick Colosimo / May 20, 2010 /

Many of my readers have seen my “Five-minute General Counsel” blog post series. The idea is to give readers an informed opinion that, while not specific to their situation, highlights some of the major issues involved in various decisions, such as whether to form an LLC or corporation for your tech startup. (Hint: read this…

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Why is asking "LLC or Corp?" the wrong question?

By Rick Colosimo / May 2, 2010 /

Here’s another LinkedIn-derived question that merits a better answer. The question was essentially whether the fellow with some IP to build a business on should form an LLC or a corporation. In typical LinkedIn fashion, off-the-cuff answers that are specific end up being wrong. In my mind, if someone is asking this question, they either…

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Quote: Map v. Territory

By Rick Colosimo / April 13, 2010 /

I was in Wikipedia for some reason earlier, and a click or two later, I was reading the entry for Alfred Korzybski, the inventor/founder of general semantics. (I’d had the book on a list of books to read for a reason that has long since escaped me, but it seemed hard to find, and I…

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