Focus on Targets

What do we have to do to hit our targets?

From the board perspective, this question is the one I always want to hear from the CEO and the entire senior leadership team. If the first response to adversity is “let’s lower the bar,” then you need to readjust the team’s mindset.  Seriously. And quickly.

A CEO I follow wanted their team to have a growth mindset but allowed this response twice in short succession when making a long-term plan. As for the current year, I expect they’re off plan. But I haven’t asked because the answer will be “X changed, and then Y changed, so we’re going to do Z.” And that will be the end of the analysis. No “how do we get back on plan?” No “how much does this change our projected valuation today, or in a year?”

It’s not easy to build a team, find revenue, operate efficiently, and create value for investors. But asking the questions is. If you’re at that point and ready for what comes next, you would do well to find your way to CerteVerus for help staying on the path.