Resolving Payroll Hiccups – A Leader’s Perspective

By Rick Colosimo / January 25, 2022 / Comments Off on Resolving Payroll Hiccups – A Leader’s Perspective

It’s really rare these days for a growing company to ever do its payroll by hand. Everyone signs up for a traditional payroll service, such as ADP or Paychex, or a newer SaaS payroll service such as Gusto. I’ve seen companies go through this drill more than once. Two in particular stick out as having…

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Bad board meetings

By Rick Colosimo / January 23, 2022 / Comments Off on Bad board meetings

Lots has been written about how a good board meeting should go. But seldom do people want to talk about the antipattern of a bad board meeting. A bad meeting yields in unactionable advice in response to unanswerable questions. Should we go slow or go fast? Answer 1: look before you leap. Answer 2: he…

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Mixing non-profit and for-profit activities

By Rick Colosimo / June 8, 2020 / Comments Off on Mixing non-profit and for-profit activities

Somebody asked a question about forming two related entities, one for-profit and one nonprofit. The idea was that certain facilities that would be used by the nonprofit could be used in slack time by other businesses paying a market rate. The business model seemed to be that there would be grants for the nonprofit, which…

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Last startup law post – wrap-up

By Rick Colosimo / June 1, 2020 / Comments Off on Last startup law post – wrap-up

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has shifted in focus from startup law toward independent director and other board services. That’s the shift in my career, and so I expect to post no more articles strictly on startup law. I will certainly continue to post on those topics from the perspective of…

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