You know my practice better than LinkedIn

By Rick Colosimo / October 8, 2013 /

This article on how to correct and even improve LinkedIn endorsements (not the recommendations, which are far and few between, making them almost certainly more valuable, IMHO) caught my attention this morning. A commenter bemoaned that LinkedIn kept trying to have folks endorse him for “commodity,” which didn’t work while “commodities” might have.  I assume…

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How to build your business during slow times

By Rick Colosimo / March 24, 2009 /

This recent Seth Godin post was another timely suggestion from Seth. (My probable #1 reason for subscribing to his blog is that he seems to really have a finger on the pulse of what is going on, with timely, succinct, no-fluff posts on issues that are popping up for me in the days right before…

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Improve your personal branding by separating your blogs

By Rick Colosimo / February 18, 2009 /

In a recent conversation at a business breakfast roundtable at the Cornell Club in NYC, a question was asked about blogging, and I volunteered a brief description of my blogging activities. If you are blogging about multiple issues, you should consider separating your blog writing into categories to improve or reinforce your personal branding. Leading…

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