Five-minute general counsel: should I incorporate?

By Rick Colosimo / October 9, 2009 /

People often ask about what entity they should choose for their new business, not knowing that the real first question is the one they skipped over without even realizing it. Should you incorporate? Short answer: you should probably just buy insurance instead. Entity types to consider include the corporation (with S- or C- taxation), limited…

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UPDATE to: Law Firms as Ponzi/MLM Schemes

By Rick Colosimo / December 10, 2008 /

This is an update to my post on law firms as Ponzi/MLM schemes. In the wake of the turmoil in the financial world, there have been a variety of articles discussing whether different governance structures (entirely different, not just better corporate governance) would have perhaps made a difference. Of course, it all comes back to…

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Law firms as Ponzi/MLM schemes?

By Rick Colosimo / August 24, 2008 /

I spent some time on Thursday morning in a courtroom full of very expensive lawyers. The associates were few and far between, as were the women (but that’s a different story). Later that afternoon, I spoke with a former officemate of mine from when we were both second-years at a large NYC law firm. These…

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