Tough legal job market is now just plain ugly for some

I’ve written before about the growing inconsistency between the actual job market for lawyers and the jobs that law schools tell prospective students about.

Here’s a recent Above the Law post on a job that really doesn’t appear all that worthwhile, really.

This is a downgrade from the $12 job they link to at the bottom of the post, but it’s a step up from the California job FOR AN ADMITTED ATTORNEY that paid so little it violated minimum wage laws.

Wowza. I suppose my economist friend would say this tells us something about the shape of the demand curve, right? But what, exactly?

Is this a supply problem, of there actually being too many lawyers, or is it a matter of there being such a demand for work that is legal in nature but doesn’t merit paying high costs for that work? In other words, there are lots of clients out there who aren’t Fortune 500 companies and are stretching for