Sites must create value for users

By Rick Colosimo / December 26, 2009 / This site recommendation falls into my category of “they have a word for that: it’s called Craigslist.” Seriously, there are too many “me-too” sites on the web that don’t add sufficient value to really, deep down, justify the cognitive overhead of keeping track of something new. I’m not saying that a new social network…

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Ready-Fire: Review of Plan Plus Online

By Rick Colosimo / March 27, 2009 /

(NB: the Ready-Fire series of posts is designed to get first impressions and quick thoughts into your hands and out of my head. They are not intended to be full explanations of a product or service.) Intro I recently participated in this introductory webinar about PlanPlus Online, a new FranklinCovey offering. #1 – Weekly &…

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