Five-minute general counsel: when should I consider a convertible bridge?

By Rick Colosimo / September 5, 2010 /

I have more than one client currently considering convertible bridge notes as a parallel angel/seed round funding technique, and I have one who recently closed a small convertible note that will convert in the upcoming seed round. What’s a convertible bridge note? A convertible bridge note is a not-uncommon financing instrument in venture capital. This…

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Elsewhere: personal financial statements

By Rick Colosimo / December 6, 2009 /

Posted a quick reply about personal financial statements to one of Fred Wilson’s thoughts about the importance of saving and investing. As I think about it now, I suppose I should edit to make that point clearer. But it’s there even without the keywords. I’ll explore this framework further on Simplifying Complexity if there’s interest:…

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Governance failures in compensation

By Rick Colosimo / October 26, 2009 /

Some time ago, I’d come across a Forbes article (now lost to three or four intervening moves and office clean-outs that discussed the effects on pension plans on executive compensation. One really interesting fact was that (as of June 9, 2003) only a “handful” of companies (including GE and Verizon) had excluded pension “earnings” from…

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Five-minute general counsel: should I incorporate?

By Rick Colosimo / October 9, 2009 /

People often ask about what entity they should choose for their new business, not knowing that the real first question is the one they skipped over without even realizing it. Should you incorporate? Short answer: you should probably just buy insurance instead. Entity types to consider include the corporation (with S- or C- taxation), limited…

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