Happy Veterans' Day

By Rick Colosimo / November 11, 2010 / Comments Off on Happy Veterans' Day

Today is a day I treat much like Memorial Day, with the difference that I’m not uncomfortable about receiving greetings today. (Memorial Day is for fallen servicemembers; I’m not in that category nor have I been in harm’s way. Many others have; think of them today.

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Quote: Map v. Territory

By Rick Colosimo / April 13, 2010 / Comments Off on Quote: Map v. Territory

I was in Wikipedia for some reason earlier, and a click or two later, I was reading the entry for Alfred Korzybski, the inventor/founder of general semantics. (I’d had the book on a list of books to read for a reason that has long since escaped me, but it seemed hard to find, and I…

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Should judges sentence you to the Army?

By Rick Colosimo / January 30, 2009 / Comments Off on Should judges sentence you to the Army?

In response to this WSJ law blog post, I provided the following comment: Almost loathe to comment on such a complex issue. First: I am a former Army infantry officer who directly led troops; my own leadership/discipline resume includes enlisted infantry basic training, officer candidate school, airborne school, Ranger School, and a few others. There…

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